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With over 10 years of workign in the industry, we are helping other companies in the US and Poland with their technical challenges. Responsible for delivering web applications for corporations like Booking Holdings and Nielsen, as well as dozens of mid-size and small business owners.

Our key strength is understanding the business needs and translating that into technical solutions. We are helping businesses define their goals and an optimal path to achieve them long term.

We emphasize how important is a friendly and accepting work environment and we see an enormous value in maintaining healthy relationships and communication.



We can build your website on the platform of your choosing (or with a custom solution). We specialize in WordPress and Ruby On Rails implementation but we’ve got the know-how to tackle any web project. We can work with your designers or provide creative solutions.


You’ve got a website you love the look of but the functionality isn’t what it should be. We can help review your current site and recommend a new platform. We’ll then coordinate the new set, create a custom themes per your current design and transfer of content.


Do you need a back-end developer or front end html expert to help you maintain and update your site? Is your site a few years old and in need of some critical updates? Give us a buzz, we are happy to get into-the-mix with your site and assist you with the improvements and maintenance items on your list.


WordPress – we’ve been knee deep in it for the last 10 years. Do you have a custom theme you want created, or do you need help modifying an existing theme?

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